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I know I will eventually nourish nature with my body but I do not want it to be today -- Koishi, 2020

Welcome to my website!

#ComfyClub 4 lyfe

join the muc: comfy@muc.ihatebeinga.live

join the irc: irc.ihatebeinga.live

some backlog and suggestions (not updated anymore)

new updates

Sep 2020: Tapris v2 now has a public repository

Apr 2020: started collecting food and drink recipes on here

Feb 2020: Thanks to Floaty, I've moved this website onto her server :3. glad that i managed to do it before sucumbbing to c*r*na


mostly up to date (?) contacts: epi at disroot.org for email, epi at trashserver.net for xmpp (i have way too many OMEMO keys and i *will* trust a key unless noted otherwise)


movie night chat

movie-night-chat is a bare-bone IRC server that bridges with the integrate chat of the MovieNight self-hosted streaming application. It is written in Racket (althought I want to rewrite it in Typed Racket) and is realeased under GPL.


tarpis2 is a Racket library for talking to Mastodon/Pleroma servers. You can check it out here: https://git.ihatebeinga.live/epi/tapris2.

So far the library is pretty rudimentary, but you can still do some cool things with it. Here are some example programs/scripts:

other codes (old)

vantabot is an IRC bot for syncrhonized toking (OCaml)

a patch for tdfiglet (git) adding support for spaces: tdfiglet "lol test"

irssi theme crapware -- a cozy neon-ish theme. screenshot. i don't use irssi myself anymore tbh.


virtual sketches

some time ago i was playing around with Processing for javascript (p5.js). all the links below require javascript.

a collect links to other eArt objects


desvox's chat aesthetics. the cycle of life. rms. kizuna ai emojos. sjis art